Postgraduate Diploma in Sexology, Graduate Diploma of Counselling, Bachelor of Nursing

Lauren is a qualified sexologist who specialises in helping women to reconnect emotional intimacy, rebuild physical intimacy and embrace their sexual power to better their overall health and wellbeing.

Combining her studies and experience in sexology, counselling and nursing, Lauren provides a warm and supportive environment to women who want to crack open and dissolve their limiting blocks.

Lauren helps install in her clients the confidence to speak up about their sexual wants, needs, desires and to become proactive, empowered and joyous participants. She supports clients avoiding sex due to pain, discomfort and fear, providing solutions to establish comfort and pleasure while helping eradicate negative associations.

Lauren wants her clients to say “yes” to sex because they mean it and want it, leaving behind the mentality that they are not sexual people and therefore will never enjoy the pleasures of sexual relations. She wants them to change from; having sex in the dark to sex with the lights on; feeling like they have no libido to humming along every day; thinking about their to-do list during sex to genuinely being in the moment.

Lauren provides the emotional tools to help bring enjoyment back into a woman’s sex life and believes that when women are happy, acknowledged and heard, everyone in her world benefits.

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