Holistic Counselling Dip., Reiki Master, Pranic Healing Cert.

Jo Woodham is an experienced healer, facilitator, therapist and spiritual coach with qualifications in Reiki, holistic counselling and Pranic Healing. She is also a qualified as a Heal Your Life Workshop Leader.

Employing a strategic combination of trained spiritual and energy healing techniques, Jo helps guide her clients on a path to self-discovery. She creates a warm and safe space where her clients can build self-confidence and self-acceptance by teaching them to rediscover their strengths, trust their judgement, realise their inherent power and ultimately harness their full potential.

Jo is a passionate practitioner who is driven by the desire to promote self-healing and help facilitate positive change across all aspects of a client’s life. From improvements in general well-being and interpersonal relationships to advancements in career and finances, her clients can expect change.

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