BExSc, BHsc (Hons), MDietSt

Andrew is a Sports Dietitian and Exercise Scientist from Apple to Zucchini, a passionate team of sports dietitians who are dedicated to helping professional and non-professional athletes manage nutrition to maximize their potential and reach their health and fitness goals.

Andrew provides nutritional guidance for performance enhancement, be it competitively in sport, non-competitively in general exercise, at the workplace or even in the day-to-day routine of life. His tailored coaching approach aims to holistically improve overall health and wellbeing while optimising daily functioning to ensure clients are getting the best out of their body.

Born from his own personal experience with injury, Andrew has developed a keen interest in nutrition for injury risk management and recovery. His passion for this area, teamed with his extensive research, helps him deliver effective nutritional solutions to keep his clients off the side-line.

Growing up, Andrew competed in a range of sports but his primary focus was always basketball, sending him to several underage national championships. Playing basketball competitively gave Andrew an appreciation for the rigours of training at a high level and spurred on his eagerness to follow a career in sports nutrition.

Andrew now works with Brisbane Bullets, Golf Queensland and a number of high-level endurance athletes.

In addition to training and competition nutrition, Andrew’s scope covers athlete development, anti-inflammatory nutrition, mood food and body composition (muscle gain & fat loss) optimisation.

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