B.App.Sc (Comp Med) and Master of Osteopathy

Dr Sam Nevins – Doctor of Osteopathy and First Step Health owner. Sam graduated from RMIT University and now sees patients at The Wok Well in Paddington as an experienced osteopath.

Sam comes from rural NSW. He graduated RMIT in Melbourne in 2010 and moved to Queensland in 2014.

Sam recently hung up the AFL boots and enjoys weight training, boxing and playing with his 2 border collies ‘Honey’ and ‘Coco’.

Sam uses his height and strength to conduct strong manual techniques in his practice and has a keen interest in treating larger people like himself. He places a high value in treating the whole person and aims to help each client achieve an active lifestyle.

Utilising the transformative power of the Osteopathic approach and 12+ years of experience, Sam skilfully addresses imbalances and restrictions within the musculoskeletal system, using the body’s innate healing process.

From sports injuries to spinal ailments, and workplace strains to postural conditions, Sam will expertly tailor his treatments to provide unparalleled care and rejuvenation.

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopaths conduct thorough assessments of each individual client and aim to discover the root cause of the presenting issue and help educate and prevent the risk of re-injury.

Osteopaths focus on the neuro-musculoskeletal system, which comprises bones, muscles, nerves and other tissues that support the human body and control its movements.

They provide musculoskeletal and nervous system assessments, manual therapy, clinical exercise programs, and movement, postural, positioning advice and ergonomic assessments.

Osteopaths may also offer ongoing support and educational advice about lifestyle, stress management, diet or other factors that may influence a person’s pain, injury or movement.

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